Hethrack Ascendant

Meanwhile On the North Road

Late Autumn, 2011 LC

Gnash Grambler; a gnomish wanderer; and Salvia Divanorum " Thistle "; a young Moordrel warrior woman; are riding with a caravan through the Raven Woods from Drathariea bound towards Endra.

The caravan is attacked by kobold bandits who make off with the cash box and a few crates of valuable goods. The caravan master informs Gnash and Thistle that if they want to get paid for this expedition they’re going to have to track the bandits back to their lair and retrieve the valuables.

Eventually the pair find and raid the bandit lair, and retrieve the stolen goods. Most of the kobolds are slain in combat, but the leader; Chief Six Dog Slayer; and his shaman henchman escape.

The lair turns out to be a forgotten, multichambered burial mound of an ancient Ghalkick chief, Vorith Gray Wulf of the Wind Rider clan. After defeating a hunting grick and some very old and brittle skeletal guardians, the gnome and the woman take some ancient finery as prizes as well as a curious war trophy of the long dead chief. The trophy lain at the dead chief’s feet is a large stone head, broken off at the neck as if severed from a statue or totem. The head has a savage, stone age look to it, and depicts an otherwise human face with long fangs and a snaking tongue.

When they eventually reach Endra, Gnash and Thistle seek out the city’s center of higher learning to inquire about the ancient chief and the strange stone totem head. They learn that the Wind Rider clan were great “explorers” from Moordrell in the Age of Legends, and that they battled tribes of fearsome savages in the region known today as the Wylde Woods.

The Wylde Woods savages were a scourge of the region for centuries, and they raised many gruesome and monstrous stone effigies to forgotten, bloodthirsty gods that still stand today in the deep wilderness. These savage tribes were wiped out mysteriously ages ago and little is known of them.


TheGoblyn TheGoblyn

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