Boss Grumbar

Master of House Skull Cruncher.


Race:orc Gender:M Age:early to mid 60s Hgt:6’4" Wgt:310lbs
Appearance:Thinning gray hair, amber/red eyes, thick framed and bull necked. An aging yet still powerful orc warrior waring expensive armor and battle proven weapons.




Parry:Brawling 12; Broadsword (14); Axe/Mace 12U; Knife 10

Armour: Location: DR:
Enchanted Legion Helm
(+2 fort)
Skull/Brain 9
" Head/Face 7
Enchanted Steel Corselet
(+2 fort)
Torso 9
Enchanted Scale
(+2 fort)
Arms 7
" Legs 7
Enchanted Gauntlets
(+2 fort)
Hands 7
Enchanted Sollerets
(+2 fort)
Feet 7
(Toughness + 1 DR included.)

Languages:Orcish:Broken Lands(native); Sathmaar:Common(accented); Crendath:Common(accented); Ogrespeak(broken)

Cultural Familiarity:Ershad:Orc/Goblyn/Human

Reaction Modifiers:Orc:Unattractive(-1), Bad Rep(-2); Status(+ 2)

Advantages & Perks:Orc; Combat Reflexes; High Pain Threshold; Weapon Master:Broadsword; Toughness + 1 DR; Wealth:Rich; Ally:Kavrath; Ally Group:Skull Cruncher Orcs; Contact Group:Business; Status 2:Orc Chief/Business Leader

Disadvantages & Quirks:Duty:House Skull Cruncher; Enemies:Rival Houses

Notable Skills: Base Level: Effective Level:
Broadsword 18 20
" Feint + 2 22
Brawling 16
Axe/Mace 16
Shield 16
Knife 14
Bow 15
Throwing 15
Stealth 14
Merchant 15
Accounting 13
Administration 13
Fast Talk 13
Diplomacy 12
Detect Lies 15
Current Affairs:Treth Rasathk 13
Hidden Lore:Business Community of Treth Rasathk 13
Melee weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Reach: Parry Mod: ST: Notes:
Enchanted Fine Broadsword
(+ 2 acc&pui, + 1 quality)
cut 4d+3 1 0 10
" imp 3d+1
Very Fine Large Knife
(+ 2 quality)
cut 2d+2 C,1 -1 6
" imp 1d+3
Punch with Gauntlets cr 1d+1 C 0 -
Kick with Sollerets cr 1d+2 C,1 no -
Missile Weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Acc: HalfD: Full: RoF: Shots ST: Bulk: Notes:
Very Fine Large Knife imp 1d+3 0 12 24 1 T(1) 6 -2
Composite Bow
(Fine Arrows + 1 quality)
imp 2d+1 3 320 400 1 1(2) 10 -7

Other Notable Equipment:
Medium Shield (DB 2)
May carry a selection of minor magical protections, talismans, potions, etc.


Boss Grumbar is the head of an orc and goblyn merchant company in Treth Rasathk named House Skull Cruncher. His goblyn partner Kavrath handles most of the actual merchant business while Grumbar and his orcs provide security. Grumbar’s son Gragak is looking forward to taking over the aging Grumbar’s position, but Grumbar and Kavrath would like his business sense to mature more first.

Boss Grumbar

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