Bugbear former gladiator


Race:bugbear Gender:M Age:late 20s Hgt: 7’ Wgt:285lbs Size:0
Appearance:Aubern/brown hair & fur. Brick red eyes. Claw rake scar down left cheek and jaw. Doesn’t speak much unless spoken to, but normally wears a perpetually wary expression.



Speed/Move: 6.5/“4”(light encumberance)

Dodge: “9”
Parry: Axe, Mace 12U/ Brawl 12/ Broadsword, Spear (1 hand) 11/ Spear (2 hands) 13/ Knife 10

Armour: Location: DR:
Legion Helm Skull/Brain 8
Legion Helm Head/Face 6
Scale Torso 6
Scale Arms 6
Scale Legs 6
Leather Gloves Hands 4
Boots Feet 4
+2DR from Fur and Toughness included.

Sathmaar: Knife Hills bugbear dialect ( native), Crendath: Common (accented)

Cultural Familiarity:
Ershad-Bugbear, Human

Reaction Modifiers:
Unattractive(-1), Status: Outsider (-1), Reputation: Endra “Cult fighter” (1), Reputation: Gladiator(2)

Advantages & Perks:
Bugbear (bought off Bully), Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Toughness (+1DR), Weapon Master: Axe/Mace

Disadvantages & Quirks:
Miserliness, Selfish, Stubborness

Notable Skills: Base Level: Effective Level:
Axe/Mace 16 17
" Feint+2 18 19
Spear 15
Broadsword 14
Staff 14
Knife 14
Shield 15
Brawling & Wrestling 16
Thrown Weapon: Axe 15
" Spear 14
" Knife 13
Fast Draw: Axe 14
" Throwing Axe 14
Stealth(+1) 14 13(light encumberance)
Tactics 10
Performance 12
Intimidation 10 13(+1Appearance
+2 Gladiator Reputation)
Scrounging 12
Filching 13
Survival: Woodlands 10
Melee weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Reach: Parry Mod: ST: Notes:
Enchanted Fine Axe cut 5d+3 1 0U Acc.1, Pui.1, quality+1dam
Mace cr 5d+2 1 0U
Spear (1 hand) imp/cr 2d/3d 1 0
" (2 hands) imp/cr 2d+1/3d+2 1,2 +2
Broadsword cut/imp 3d+1/2d 1 0
Knife cut/imp 2d+2/1d+2 C,1/C -1
Shield Bash cr 1d+2 1 No
Brawling Punch cr 1d+2 C 0
" Kick w. Boots cr 2d C,1 No
" Bite cut 1d+2 C No
Missile Weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Acc: HalfD: Full: RoF: Shots ST: Bulk: Notes:
Throwing Axe cut 5d+1 2 18 27 1 T(1)
Spear imp 2d+1 2 18 27 1 T(1)
Knife imp 1d+2 0 14 27 1 T(1)

Other Notable Equipment:
Tower Shield (DB 3)
Wooden Sword
3 Healing potions (3 dose)

Spells: Level: FP Cost: Notes:

Draunvark was a young bugbear warrior of the Knife Hills on his first raiding expedition away from home when his band was wiped out by merceneries. Having only been knocked unconsious in the battle, Draunvark was taken captive and sold to the fighting pits.
He has had several owners in his years of slavery and has begun to earn some notariety in the Grand Arena.
When the PCs met him in the Arena dungeons, he was scheduled to fight (read “slaughter”) a group of convict arena fodder for the Yule Spectacle that night.
After helping to break the cult cell, Draunvark was presented with the Wooden Sword by the king, granting his freedom.


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