First son of House Skull Cruncher.


Race: orc Gender: M Age: early 20s Hgt: 6’5" Wgt:
285 lbs Appearance: Bristly brown hair, amber eyes with orange flecks, typically wears an observant and stern expression.

ST: 17
DX: 13
IQ: 11
HT: 14

HP: 17
Per: 13
Will: 12
FP: 14



Armour: Location: DR:
Enchanted Legion Helm (DR+1) Skull/Brain 8
" Head/Face 6
Enchanted Steel Corselet (DR+1) Torso
Enchanted Scale (DR+1) Arms 6
" Legs 6
Enchanted Gauntlets (DR+1) Hands 6
Enchanted Sollerets (DR+1) Feet 6
Toughness DR+1 included.

Orcspeak: Broken Lands (native); Sathmaar: Treth Rasathk (native); Crendath: Common (accented)

Cultural Familiarity:

Reaction Modifiers:
Orc: Unatractive (-1) and Reputation (-2); Status: Merchant “Underboss” (+1)

Advantages & Perks:
Orc (bought off Intolerance: Racial); Combat Reflexes; High Pain Threshold; Fit; Toughness (DR+1); Wealth: Rich; Weapon Master: Broadsword; Ally Group: Skull Cruncher orcs; Patron: House Skull Cruncher

Disadvantages & Quirks:
Duty: House Skull Cruncher; Impulsive; Selfish; Overconfidence

Notable Skills: Base Level: Effective Level:
Broadsword 17 18 enchanted sword
Brawling 16
Spear 15
Shield 14
Knife 14
Throw Weapon: Spear 14
" Knife 16
Crossbow 14
Fast Draw: Broadsword 15
" Knife 15
Stealth 14 encumberance
Merchant 12
Freight Handling 12
Teamster 12
Tactics 12
Leadership 13
Streetwise 12
Fast Talk 12
Intimidation 14
Detect Lies 12
Accounting 9
Melee weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Reach: Parry Mod: ST: Notes:
Enchanted Fine Broadsword (Acc 1, Pui 1, quality +1 to dam) cut/imp
Fine Large Knife (quality +1 to dam) cut/imp
Spear (1 hand) imp/cr
Spear (2 hands) imp/cr
Shield Bash cr
Brawling Punch w. Gauntlet cr
Brawling Kick w. Sollerets cr
Missile Weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Acc: HalfD: Full: RoF: Shots ST: Bulk: Notes:
Thrown Fine Large Knives imp Carries 4.
Thrown Spear imp
Crossbow imp

Other Notable Equipment:
May have a few potions or other minor magic items on him.


Gragak is the eldest son of Boss Grumbar. Someday (sooner rather than later) he hopes to inherit the family business.


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