Typical Dwarven Warrior


A typical example of fighting dwarves from across Ershad.

ST:15 (Lift 17)


Speed/Move:6.25/“4”(light encumberance)
Swing: 2d+1
Thrust: 1d+1

Dodge:“9”(light encumberance)
Parry:Axe 11U or Broadsword 11/Brawling 11/Knife 9/Long Spear 11U or 11 with two hands/Pole Arm 11U

Armour: Location: DR:
Legion Helm Skull/Brain 7
Legion Helm Head/Face 5
Steel Corselet Torso 7
Scale Arms 5
Scale Legs 5
Gauntlets Hands 5
Sollerets Feet 5
Toughness DR1 included

Languages:Doun-Feyr (native). May also know Crendath: Common and possibly Gneldramish or Sathmaar at (accented or broken). Vets often learn Orcspeek (broken) as well.

Cultural Familiarity:

Reaction Modifiers:
Artisan (+1)

Advantages & Perks:
Dwarve, Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Fit

Disadvantages & Quirks:
May have -10 in personal Disadvantages (Code of Honor, Intolerance, Stubborness, etc.)

Notable Skills: Base Level: Effective Level:
Axe/Mace or Broadsword 15
Spear or Pole Arm 14
Knife 12
Brawling/Wrestling 14
Shield 14
Crossbow 13 or 15 if specialized
Throwing Weapon-Axe and/or Knife 13
Melee weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Reach: Parry Mod: ST: Notes:
Fine Axe cut 3d 1 0U 11
Fine Broadsword cut/imp 2d+3/1d+3 1 0 10
Knife cut/imp 2d-1/1d+1 C,1/C -1 6
Long Spear imp 1d+3 2,3 0U 10
" 2 hands imp 2d 2,3 0 10
Halberd (axe) cut 4d 2,3 0U 13
" (spear) imp 2d 1-3 0U 12
" (back spike) imp 3d+1 2,3 0U 13 May get stuck
Brawling Punch w. Gauntlets cr 1d+2 C 0 -
Brawling Kick w. Sollerets cr 1d+3 C,1 No -
Missile Weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Acc: HalfD: Full: RoF: Shots ST: Bulk: Notes:
Crossbow imp 2d+1 4 300 375 1 1(4) 7 -6
Throwing Axe cut 2d+3 2 15 22 1 T(1) 11 -3
Knife imp 1d+1 0 12 22 1 T(1) 6 -2

Other Notable Equipment:
Soldiers kit. Dwarves are generally never far from sets of good tools for various jobs. From picks and shovels to climbing/spelunking gear and metal working.

Spells: Level: FP Cost: Notes:

Typical Dwarven Warrior

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