Typical Kobold Warrior


A typical example of a kobold warrior (ie: most adult kobolds).

Size: -1



Speed/Move:6.5/6 (no armour) “4” (armoured)
Swing: 1d
Thrust: 1d-2

Dodge:10 or “9” (armoured)
Parry: Short Sword, Spear, Brawling 11/Knife 10
Block: 11+DB1=12

Armour: Location: DR:
None/Leather Cap or Hood/Pot Helm Skull/Brain 2/4/6
None/Leather Hood Head/Face 0/2
None/Leather/L. Brigantine Torso 0/2/3
None/Leather Arms 0/2
None/Leather Legs 0/2
Wraps or Gloves Hands 1
Wraps/Boots Feet 1/2

Kobold: Local Dialect (Native). Some may know Sathmaar: Common (Broken). City kobolds often know Sathmaar and the local “Common” (Broken).

Cultural Familiarity:
Ershad-Kobold and possibly Goblyn and/or Human for city kobolds.

Reaction Modifiers:
Kobold: Unattractive (-1) and Bad Reputation (-2).

Advantages & Perks:
Kobold; Combat Reflexes

Disadvantages & Quirks:
-5 to -15 in various personal Disadvantages (Impulsive, Bad Temper, Greed, Odious Habits, Compulsive Behaviors, etc.)

Notable Skills: Base Level: Effective Level:
Melee Weapon (Short Sword or Spear typicaly) 15
Brawling&Wrestling 14
Knife 14
Shield 14
Stealth 15 -encumberance
Bow or Crossbow 15
Throw Weapon 15
Traps 9/detect 12
Survival: Home Environment 12
Melee weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Reach: Parry Mod: ST: Notes:
Spear (1 hand) imp/cr
Spear (2 hand) imp/cr
Short Sword cut/imp
Knife cut/imp
Shield Bash cr
Brawling Punch cr
Brawling Kick w. Boot cr
Brawling Bite cut
Missile Weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Acc: HalfD: Full: RoF: Shots ST: Bulk: Notes:
Bow imp
Crossbow imp
Thrown Spear imp
Thrown Knife imp

Other Notable Equipment:
Personal items and various small odds and ends (string, teeth, utensils, tools, shiny objects, etc).

Spells: Level: FP Cost: Notes:

Typical Kobold Warrior

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