A sinister dagger of dark steel.

weapon (melee)

Very fine quality Large Knife (+1 damage for quality). Kinslayer strikes truer and deals more damage the closer the relation between the attacker and the target.

+1 acc & pui: Normal
+2 acc & pui: Same race as wielder.
+3 acc & pui: Near or distant relation (uncles, aunts, cousins, different family but same clan or tribe, etc).
+4 acc & pui: Family (Parent, child, sibling, spouse, grandparent, and grand child.)

Marriage does count for these modifiers.

Divides armour by 2.

+1 to Holdout skill.

The emblem on the pommel takes on the family crest, heraldry, symbol of whoever owns Kinslayer at the moment. Even if they don’t know what that symbol is.

Kinslayer may affect it’s owner with Paranoia and Blood Lust (CN 12) at the GM’s discretion, especially towards family members.


It is unknown who first created the Kinslayer dagger. It’s last owners were the members of the Baleran family, a minor country noble family of Caldain. The “Mad Balerans” as they are colloquially refereed to today killed each other off one by one in the span of a few years until the last two perished in the fire that destroyed their family home.


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