ALNLA, twin god of prophesy.
AHSATIER, the dark seductress.
ATHAILYA, goddess of wisdom and inspiration.
BAVRAG, goddess of orcish femininity.
DRETHEK, goblyn warrior god.
GARGORN, supreme god of the orcs.
GNEVLIX, gnomeish trickster god.
GRIMDAKKA, orcish god of cunning.
HETHRACK, the monster god.
HONDOUR, god of law and civilization.
KHEMERIN, god of healing and compassion.
MARRAG, creator/father of all goblyn kin.
MORATHANE, chief god/creator of the dwarves.
MINTOURA, the god of chaos and madness.
ORGRUN, orcish god of craft.
SATHKES, goblyn goddess of cunning.
SERTHES, god of tyranny and power.
TARADORE, the soldier’s god.
VENATER, god of roads.
YURUTUS, orcish god of plagues.


What exactly are gods?

Essentially they are supremely powerful spiritual beings from higher (and lower) planes of existance. They have a vested interest in the mortal world and are able to affect it to greater or lesser degrees. Most often by granting a portion of their power to their mortal followers in the form of divine gifts and magic.

Divine patronage is a two way street though. Certainly the more followers, the more belief a god has, the more powerful a god is and the more influence they have on the mortal world.

But did the gods create the world and its’ peoples, or did mortals create the gods with their belief?

The only accurate answer to this question is, “Yes”.


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