Hethrack Ascendant

Blood and Sand

Mid Winter, Yule week, 2011 LC

The heroes deduce that the Royal Arena is somehow the source of the Hethrack cult activity in Endra.
They sneak into the arena sublevels and must fight their way through the monster pens as the arena monster handlers are cult members.
Along the way they meet and befriend a bugbear gladiator who joins them.
Secret passages lead to caverns under the arena where they find a temple of Hethrack.
A naga guarded part of the passage, but she hated the cult and was only there because of a gaeous. After subduing her, she gave the party clues to pass through to the temple propper.
In the cavern temple the cult was gathered for a ritual and preparing to unleash monsters on the crowd gathered in the arena for a Yule pagent.
The heroes battled and slew the temple guardian, a large hydra, and the cult cell leader, a gauth beholder kin and another deciple of Ghadra.
Responding to the disturbances in the arena, a platoon of Royal Guard and a senior agent of the Royal Investigators arrived in time to help with the mop up of the cultists.


TheGoblyn TheGoblyn

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