Hethrack Ascendant

Ogres and Ghosts

As spring dawns the heroes travel south to visit the Great Oracle of Alnla, twin god of prophesy.
While passing through Mulhar theyhappen across a convoy of Halkainen merceneries, the Iron Panthers company, who are waylaid by Mulharan men-at-arms. The Mulharans suspect the Halkainens to be responcible for the disappearance of a group of Khemerite monk healers.
The heroes offer to investigate to solve the dispute and prevent hostilities. They discover that the four monks were attacked and carried off and follow clues to a ruined tower in the woods. The attackers were a group of marauding ogres from the swamplands to the north. The companions dispatch the ogre band and rescue the two surviving monks.
The cellar of the ruined tower had an intricate enchantment in the floor and clues on the walls as to how to activate it. Certain spells needed to be cast in succession.
They returned the monks and cleared up the Halkainens. As reward the leader of the expidition, a beholder and member of the Emerald Sigil house, gave them scrolls for spells they lacked to activate the tower’s enchantment.
Back at the ruin, the enchantment activated a hidden spiral stair that lead to the secret chambers of the tower’s master, a wizard of the Lyiertian empire.
The wizards powerful ghost haunted the chambers and caused several problems for the heroes until they discovered a magic item that allowed them to confront him on the Astral plain.
The wizard didn’t realize he was dead and thought the adventurers were enemies of the empire invading his home. Once they were able to talk with him on the Astral plain though, they convinced him of the truth and his spirit was able to move on.
In parting, the wizard’s spirit gifted Matalina with his wizard’s staff and Niall with his magic ring.


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