Hethrack Ascendant

The Radiant Angel

Mid Winter – Yule season, 2011 LC

A clue in the Book of Hethrack leads the party to investigate one of the pleasure boats operating out of Endra harbor, the Radiant Angel.

The Cult of Hethrack had infiltrated the crew and were using the pleasure boat as cover to dump the remains of their victims in the lake.

While investigating, Dorn grew suspicious of a man among the passengers who seemed to be up to some covert business. When fighting broke out however the man joined his steel with the companions to battle the cultist crew members, including several suicidally murderous deck hands and a cleaver wielding cook.

The captain turned the ship’s golem rowers on the heroes and Nial nearly set the ship aflame with a fireball in the cargo hold/rowing deck.

Before they could corner the captain however, a passenger turned out to be a mutated werewolf cult member there to secretly keep an eye on the operation. He killed the captain to prevent his capture then fought the companions to the death.

After dispatching the cultists and putting out the fire in the hold, the heroes examined the remains they found for clues.

Bloody broken bones chewed on by creatures being secreted out into the lake meant that they couldn’t get them out through the city gates. Therefore the cult temple must be inside the city, somewhere where a large number of prisioners and monsters wouldn’t draw a lot of attention.

Somewhere like… the Grand Arena.


TheGoblyn TheGoblyn

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