A daring, beautiful, and perhaps a bit mad half elven rogue. Fox is a legend in her own time, famous (or infamous) throughout the continent and parts beyond.


Half elf female. 50ish, looks 20ish. Long red hair with white temple locks. Blue eyes.

ST:12 DX:16 IQ:14 HT:13
HP:12 Will:15 Per:16 FP:13
Speed:7.25 Move:7 Dodge:“13” Parry:“14”(sword) Block:0
Swing:1d+2 Thrust:1d-1
Protection: Leather armour (enchanted DR 5), Ring of Protection (+1 all active defenses)

Half Elf (Extended Lifespan 2; Night Vision +5; Social Stigma “Outsider” -1 reaction); Ambidexterity; Appearance “Very Beautiful” +6 or +2 reaction; Catfall; Charisma +2; Combat Reflexes; Cultural Adaptability; Daredevil; Enhanced Dodge 1; Fearlessness +2; Fit; Flexibility; High Pain Threshold; Extraordinary Luck (every 30 minutes); Perfect Balance; Reputation “Living Legend” +3 reaction anyone; Weapon Master “Rilthish Sword”

Bad Temper; Code of Honor “Pirate/Rogue”; Compulsive Generosity (CN 12); Compulsive Spending (CN 12); Enemies “Anyone she has offended” (individual or medium group, 6 or less); Impulsiveness; Overconfidence; Reputation “Trouble maker” -2 reaction from law / government / or syndicate types); Stubborness

Broad Minded; Congenial; Distinctive Feature “White temple locks”; Nosy

Notable skills:
Acrobatics 18; Bow 18; Broadsword 18 (Feint 21); Fast Draw sword/arrow/dagger/potion 16; Holdout 16; Lock Picking 17; Pick Pocket 18; Sex Appeal “21” (+6 for Very Beautiful, +2 for Charisma); Shadowing “13” (-1 for Distinctive Feature); Short Sword 18 (Disarm +3, Feint +3); Stealth 18; Streetwise 15; Traps 17

Notable Equipment:
Fine quality Rilthish Sword Enchanted (Accuracy 1, Puissance 2)(1 hand: cut 3d ,imp 2d, 2 hand: cut 3d+1, imp 2d+2)
Composite Bow and Black Quiver (Cornucopia spell produces accuracy 2/puissance 2 arrows)(acc “5”, imp 2d)
Ring of Water Walking
Ring of Protection (+1 all active defenses)
Plus anything else the GM wishes her to have on hand at the moment. Often carries a selection of potions and spell stones or arrows.


No one but her very close friends knows Fox’s true origins. Though it is believed that she was orphaned as a small child and raised in less than favorable conditions.

A little over twenty years ago, stories of Fox’s adventures began to become popular. She is a dashing rogue and a cunning thief with a heart of gold in the stories. She would duel with fierce villains, steal from cruel lords, slay fell beasts, and outsmart whole armies sent to capture or kill her.

There is some truth to these stories.


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