Sally the Candle Jack

A quick and clever little goblyn girl.


Race:goblyn Gender:F Age:9 Hgt:3’3" Wgt:45lbs SM:-1
Appearance:Tiny and cute goblyn girl. Bony thin with shaggy purple/black hair and gleaming blood red eyes. Like most goblyn children, her eyes, ears, and nose are quite large as she hasn’t grown into them yet. Sally is generally scruffy looking, wearing hand-me-down clothes and men’s boots several sizes to large for her.



Speed/Move:6.5/5(short legs)

Parry:brawling/Wrestling 10; Knife 10

Armour: Location: DR:
none Skull/Brain 2
none Head/Face 0
none Torso 0
none Arms 0
none Legs 0
none Hands 0
Thick Boots Feet 2

Languages:Sathmaar:Treth Rasathk(native); Crendath:Common(accented); Kobold:Blade Mountains(accented); Orcish:Broken Lands(accented); Undercommon(accented); Doun Feyr(accented); Gnelldramish(broken)

Cultural Familiarity:Ershad:Goblyn

Reaction Modifiers:Reputation:Goblyn(-1);Appearance:Attractive “cute” Goblyn( + 1)/others(-); Reputation:Treth Rasathk “Good guide”( +1 ); Social Stigma:Minor(-2)

Advantages & Perks:Race:Goblyn; Appearance:Attractive"cute"( +1 ); Combat Reflexes; Enhanced Defense:Dodge +1; Reputation:Treth Rasathk “Good guide”( +1 ); Language Talent; Sense of Duty:Friends and Clients; Contact Group:Candle Jacks; Contact Group:Local Business Community; Favors (Several among local citizens and past clients); Patron:Parents

Disadvantages & Quirks:Bad Temper; Stubbornness; Social Stigma:Minor(-2 reaction); Move -1(short legs); Duty:Parents&Studies; Code of Honor:Professional

Notable Skills: Base Level: Effective Level:
Area Knowledge:Treth Rasathk 16
Current Affairs:Treth Rasathk 16
Hidden Lore:Secrets of Treth Rasathk 14
Fast Talk 15
Stealth 15 16 Size Modifier
Shadowing 14
Streetwise 16
Survival:Urban Underground 15
Traps 14 15 to detect/disarm
Brawling 13
Wrestling 13
Knife 14
Throwing 14
Filching 13
Holdout 14
Melee weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Reach: Parry Mod: ST: Notes:
Quality Small Knife(+1dam) cut 1d-4 C,1 -1 5
" imp 1d-3 C " "
Missile Weapons: Dam Type: Dam Amount: Acc: HalfD: Full: RoF: Shots ST: Bulk: Notes:
Thrown Quality Small Knife imp 1d-3 0 3 7 1 T(1) 5 -1

Other Notable Equipment:


Sally is a young goblyn girl born and raised in Treth Rasathk. Like many of the city’s children she earns money for her family by working as one of Treth Rasathk’s famous (or infamous) candle-jacks when not attending to her studies.
Schooling is a rather haphazard affair in goblyn communities, but it is available to practically all. More than ca be said in many human communities.
Candle-jacks work as guides for visitors to the sprawling and labyrinthine city and also run messages or other small errands for the locals. They pick up a lot of local lore and contacts very quickly in their job and most of them have arrangements with local businesses to steer clients their way.
Sally is something of a prodigy. She’s only just nine years old, but is ruthlessly clever. She works as a candle-jack as much for the money as she does for the mental stimulation. Sally has organized schemes to benefit the other candle-jack children, making her a sort of ring leader or mastermind at times. She also takes it as a sort of professional pride that she doesn’t shill for anyone, but provides a fair and unbiased service for her clients.

Sally the Candle Jack

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