DESCRIPTION: Grimdakka is depicted as a well muscled yet lean orc warrior. Impressive, but never as big as Gargorn. He is usualy shown as lightly armoured and carring a bow as well as any other popular melee weapons. His eyes are narrowed and his expression is more cunning than savage.

ASPECT: Strategy, tactics, “diplomacy” (as orcs understand it), cunning, trickery, skill at arms, archers.


DIVINE GIFTS: Priests of Grimdakka most often take the rolls of advisors, tacticians, instructors/teachers, and battlefield leutentants.
They are especialy skilled in coleges of Communication & Empathy, Divination, Mind Control, and almost any spell/prayer with an obvious tactical aspect.

RELIGION/CHURCHES: Grimdakka is at the right hand of Gargorn. He is the supreem orc’s tactical advisor and first leutentant.
Though he is subordinate to Gargorn, Grimdakka is well respected by the cagier orc vetrens who realize the value of ambush and subterfuge rather than just straight forward howling agression.
In Torsh Goth, Grimdakka’s status is rising past being percieved as simply Gargorn’s first minion to that of a patron of many of the kingdom’s endeavors.


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